Back In The House!

Okay. I'm back from Costa Rica. And unfortunately internet access was sparse in the areas I traveled and my constant quest for monkeys, the elusive Quetzal, tabers and the monarch butterflies kept me in the outdoors and the sun. The glare on the laptop so intrusive and unyielding that my writing was confined to my analog journals.

If I'm motivated I'll translate some key thoughts here over the next few days. But so you know the highlights of the trip included Dominical and especially Corcovado on the Osa Peninsula.

But let me diverge. Back in my Wirestone days I had the chance to meet the principal of 415 in San Francisco, Grace Stanat. We connected on many levels and though our paths haven't crossed much over the last couple years, I was happy to hear he found the love of his life, got married and now is doing the most amazing thing.

” […] Instead of taking a honeymoon, we decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world for a year (13 months, actually). We started slowly saving soon after we met, and with the proper planning, it all turned out to be more affordable than we originally anticipated (let us know if you'd like more info on this). With a few exceptions, we have opted to stay in each place for about a month. We think this approach allows us time to immerse ourselves in the culture and experience how different people live. We've also found it to be less stressful (not to mention cheaper) than traveling constantly for a year. We hope that it also allows some of our friends and family to visit […]

Spending thirteen months going around the world, Grace and his bride Susan are spending a month in each of a diverse collection of global destinations. With an excellent travelogue, great photographs and a love story that will make you cry, you need to check in with them. I'd start here and then move on.

Congrats Grace! I've got my own around the world adventure in the final stages of planning. Perhaps our paths will meet again, in person.