Going to South America

This is a quick update that I am doing via my iPhone using Siri. For some of the words may not exactly get translated. But I’m sitting here at Dallas Fort Worth international airport awaiting for a flight to Argentina. I will be joining my friend Rob Rill and going to Argentina, Chile and Peru. Rob is competing in the legendary Dakar rally race.

I will be blogging on this website and my world rider website. I look forward to sharing video, photographs and stories about this grueling but in credible and impressive race.

Last year some 400 cars started the race. Only about 30 to 40% of those who start finish. So once again this is a race that my friend only hopes to finish let alone the wind. That is, to win is to finish. I will be landing early tomorrow morning in Buenos Aires in Argentina and I will be updating from my travels down there.

I am not actually racing in the race car, but I will be joining the assistance route as a press official.

I look forward to reporting from the travels in South America once again I look forward to visiting the compliment that grab my heart just a short few years ago while I rode through there on my motorcycle.