Good bye France

As I sat in Charles de Gaulle airport in France i thought about those travelers who were stuck here when flights to New York and Los Angeles were cancelled during the recent holiday season. Yet I was confident I'd make my flight to Atlanta and then onto Orange County.

The airport, at least this terminal, is very modern. Replete with high end shops like Hermes, Hugo Boss and others, I find that while the shopping here would be tops to those who prefer such activities. For me, I'd prefer a fast wireless connection to connect with the world outside this airport and the shopping mecca of Paris. You see, southern France and the Nice airport have much more to offer than Paris.

The journey has been outstanding, needless to say. I look forward to making a trip back in the summer. Perhaps I could hook up with my friend Bob Burgess who makes an annual pilgrimage here for food, wine and sunshine. In the meantime, I've got to get back to reality… that is if you call southern California reality. Nonetheless, I'm excited about new projects, connecting with old friends and staying put for awhile. Maybe i could pick up on my discussions on blogging in business — corporate blogging.

Stay tuned.