Back Home.

Back in California. What an amazing day today. At 3pm the full moon hung high in the deep blue sky. The Los Angeles skyline crystal clear. The rains from last night left the most amazing clear skies. Wow.

To be sure, it's good to back. To be truthful, I'd love to be traveling. To my clients, I love to work with them. With the internet, Macintosh and the shrinking planet, I should be able to do anything anywhere.

So I'm enjoying a 1996 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Merlot. It's incredibly soft, elegant with a slight overtone of blueberry, anise and black cherry. I'm seduced.

I love so many of the comments I've been getting from Dano, Bob, Janet and others. Keep the comments coming. Click the links on the posts! So much fun. You know it's funny. I get so many people sending me email through the contact me link on this blog rather than leaving a comment. I say leave the comment. Engage the dialog. No matter what, I do love the comments. So thank you!

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