Mexico Madness

Sitting in an internet cafe in Creel, entry to the canyon system that spans 6 times larger than the Grand Canyon. A great motorcycle ride from Newport to Sonoito in Sonora on my first day. About 400 miles. Crossed the border at Tecate. Painless once you figure out how to obtain a tourist pass, temporary vehicle permit and have several photo copies of appropriate documents. Its simple to get to Baja with a vehicle. Mainland Mexico is a different story.

Hooked up with friends on day 2 in Hermosillo and stayed the night. The smell of the coffee roasting plant rolling into town was tickling to the olfactor senses. The roads have not been bad. After a night in Hermosillo 5 of us headed to the mountains. The most beautiful ride winding from desert to forest. Windy and twisty. At one point after riding nearly 4 hours we realized we barely rode 90 miles.

At the turn off from the major road to Creel, I was watching the group of bikes ahead of me and not paying attention as I turned. Before I knew it I was flat on the ground next to my bike and wondering what happened to my ankle as I felt it twist every which way by the weight of the bike and a little helping push by the saddlebags. Adrenaline rushing I was up and hopping around in lightning speed. Asking anyone who would listen, “if I am walking on it then it´s not broken, right?” I swore it was broken. And bad. It was nearly dark and we were in the middle of nowhere. Still 100km to ride to Creel. And no one should drive a car yet a motorcycle in the dark in a rurral third world country. One of the saddlebag brackets broke. So my friends helped strap it back to the bike while I wondered the condition of my ankle. And if it was bad and swelled up, wondered if I would ever get my boot back on so I could continue my journey.

Turns out a bad sprain. And the community of motorcyclists so nice and helpful. I´ve had every painkiller known offered. Extra hands and lots of consoling. Today I´m a gimp. Yet making the ride to Guaymas in two days. Then catching the ferry to Santa Rosalia on Baja. I think a few days under a palapa on the Sea of Cortex with ankle in sand and margarita in hand. Coulda been worse. Huh? Now off on a 160km of dirt roads to see a waterfall gently wash the canyon walls. Then…