Guaymas. Why Mas?

After making my way from the cascada grande at Baseachi on Monday morning to the port town of Guaymas, we rolled into this fishing town about 4pm Monday. The ferry to Santa Rosalia was to depart at 8pm. Apparantly the captain was a bit freaked out about the winds and word from Baja was nasty weather. The ferry is wacky. Holds perhaps 8 or 10 cars and these are above the waterline. The agent tells us they got the boat from Norway and it has been refurbished. I can see the hundreds of life jackets on the deck where the cars get strapped. And last night a water trucked pumped a few thousand liters of water into the boat. Everything is fresh water, the agent assured us. The only assurance I was hoping for is a firm departure time.

Met two other motorcyclists on KTM adventure bikes. They´ve been mapping out a few tour routes for Pancho Villa tours. Also, a young couple from New Mexico have been traveling 4 months on bicycles and are joining us on the ferry. We all decided to roll out the sleeping bags on the upper deck. While the locals slept in the salon below the deck. Complete with screaming kids, snoring grampas and Mexican television. Even though the boats generator ran all night, I got a great sleep. Thank god for Therma Rest.

Discovered that my exhasut (a new one at that) was dangling close to my luggage. Turns out the dirt roads shook a bolt loose. So had to take the exhaust off last night and rig it better. When I took off my seat I found that the BMW toolkit was missing. I guess my dealer must have forgot to put it back during my last service. No worries. My travel partner mark is carrying a bevy of tools that would make a small town hardware store jealous. All is good.

Except that today when the ferry was supposed to take off again (we were told 9:30am) the agent informed us the waves were a bit big. And they will not even try tonight. So it is another night on the deck in the sleeping bags. Hey, it´s not the Westin, but it´s free and the moon and stars are glorious. Mark decided to make a high speed return to San Francisco. I have to stay. Not interested in leaving before leaving tire tracks in the Baja desert.

Found a bottle of wine from Baja. A cabernet. It´s the girl from New Mexico´s 21st birthday. I´ll pull a cork for her and her boyfriend. Ah. But then, maybe I´ll just have a cold Bohemia.