Santa Rosalia, Baja Sur, Mexico

The ferry finally pulled out of Guaymas yesterday about 10:30am. My
original travel companion, Mark, decided to make his journey back to San
Francisco the day before. So then there are five: Sean and Michael from
Colorado and the young bicyclists, Megan and Nick, from New Mexico. Our
bikes shared the auto cargo area with a large panel truck loaded with
something. An elderly man dressed in a sharp white straw hat used the time
waiting for the ferry to dry chiles on the deck of the boat. Later he gave
the hat to Nick, worried that he´d be riding his bike without protection
from the sun.

The ferry boat is completely computerized. I spent time with the captain
and first mate and checked out all the GPS and radar gear in the cockpit.
Watching the pelicans with their massive wingspan glide just inches above
the water then souring captivated my attention for what seemed an hour.
Several gulls seemed to follow the ferry as it journeyed like secret
servicemen cruising alongside a presidential motorcade.

We all shared a room in Santa Rosalia last night. Big room with three
double beds and a mattress we threw on the floor. Cost us $9 each. Climbing
the stairs of the boat yesterday, I was feeling pretty good that my ankle
was on the road to recovery. You see I got to see Dr. Ceyas a radiologist
in Guaymas while I was killing time. No fractures. He assured me. But
waking up this morning. Ouch. More ice, tylenol and the cane that I had a
young boy carve for me in Creel. Been on the back of my motorcycle ever

Limping along the streets of Santa Rosalia this morning I popped my head
into the Santa Barbara church. A steel structure designed by Gustave Eiffel
(yes of the Eiffel Tower fame). It was featured at the World´s Fair in
Paris in 1896 then shipped to Baja where the French were mining minerals.
Most of the minds closed in the late 50´s, but there still some remnants of
French culture here including a bakery. Still can´t find a decent cup of
coffee in Mexico, though. Shopkeeper were up early, too. Throwing pales of
water on the sidewalk and dusty street hoping to control the dirt and dust
that acculuates as cars cruise town.

Today I´ll motor south to Mulaje and find that Palapa on the beach. If you
are in the area look for the one with a motorcycle perched underneath. The
cerveza is on me.