Showers and the Rain. Portugal Bound.

Groggy and with eyes refusing to focus after a pitiful two and a half hour sleep, I dragged myself into the bathroom and cranked on the show. As the water pounded the tile I realized that the pouring rain outside was louder than the fogging shower I hoped would wake me.

John Wayne Airport first thing in the morning is nothing less than a nightmare for anyone who fails to understand the concept of “morning person” and who has yet to taste the warm nectar or a strong cup of coffee. No planes can take off from this airport before 7am. So at 7am no less than 16 planes itch to have their belly's filled with passengers and to be let loose into the atmosphere. You can imagine passengers of 16 planes trying to get through only two security doors. The mass of people create a line that is so damn assuming to this groggy eyed sleeper it's enough to make you want to turnaround and go back to bed. Or find a curb.

But as I sit here at Liberty International Airport in Newark, I wait for by buddy Tim to show up so we can both board another plane for Lisbon, Portugal. Not sure where Liberty came from, but maybe this is new. Maybe not. New to me. Liberty. Hah. I kinda like that. Freedom.

I've got a few hours layover until Tim shows up and the plane takes off. These are times you really appreciate airline “clubs”. Continental's Presidents Club now has free wireless.

So last night the underdogs from Boston added a page to the history books. I wonder if in early November another Bostonian will surprise the world and win the lucky key to the White House. I guess that'd be history too. The only father and son to both be poor ole one term presidents.

Ah. Isn't this all very exciting?