Time To Move.

Tonight I washed my wallet. Not that this was my intention. No. But pulling the garments from the washer and tossing them into the dryer I heard a deadening thud. Hmmmm. I wondered. Wet jeans perhaps? Yeah, must be. Then I re-evaluated. Clawing through the crumpled up wads of clothes I found the black bugger. So now it air dries.

Laundry. I hate it. I'd rather vacuum, wash dishes, do yard work or sweep. But laundry kills me. But I gotta do it. Next week is going to be a bit crazy. I've got my last “speed Spanish” class on Tuesday evening. Then as the sun breaks through I'll be waddling through the security lines at John Wayne Airport. Time to take another trip. This time I head to Portugal and Andaluscia in Spain. I'll fly to Newark where my buddy Tim will meet me at the Continental Lounge and we'll both board a big bird and head to Lisbon.


Do I really dare answer? Sure. For me it's wine, food, art, architecture surrounding a solid core of history. Never the destination. Always the journey.

Stay tuned as I'll fire up the Travelogue portion of the Digital Tavern as we make our way around the Iberian Peninsula. And for those fond of trivia, I discovered that Portugal has the highest accident and traffic mortality rate of all of Europe. Glad I rented a car.

See you soon.