The Delta Between Airline Service

My dad just finished building a house in Southern Florida. He's been very forward of late in his invitation to visit. To my brother, too. So when Jon & I finally coordinated schedules[ … ]

More On Moblogging

Wired today reports on tools that will make posting to weblogs easier when on the road. […] Joe Laszlo, a Jupiter Research analyst, believes that of the estimated 500,000 people who maintain a[ … ]

The Future of

This makes me sad. And mad. Some of the greatest writing and innovative ideas in the online publishing world. I almost want to fly to SFO and try to be superman and save this organization. But[ … ]

Blogosphere Live – Los Angeles

Long day. Longer evening. Just got back from an evening in LA. Started off with Slippery Shrimp and more tasty Chinese treats and Yang Chow in Chinatown with Doc. Turns out Tony Pierce ate there too[ … ]

Wake Up.

Today I woke up. Was a good start. Day like any other day. Well. In Southern California the last few days we’ve been hit by badly needed rain. The wind whips up his force, tossing tree[ … ]

Radio Robots Make For Cloudy Channels

There's nothing like a few blog posts on music and radio to elicit some interesting responses from those who've stopped by The Digital Tavern. For those of you tuning in, here is my first[ … ]

Brobeck Bites The Dust.

During the hey day of the dot com boom and the IPO frenzy of the late 90's, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison became the most sought after and profitable law firm in California. At one time[ … ]