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iPhone 4S Camera: Samples & Siri Digital Assistant

Have you checked out the new iPhone 4S camera? Just about a week after the phone became available, I was happy to see the FedEx guy walk up to my door and hand me my new iPhone 4S. For the last few hours I’ve been putting it through the punches and testing both the Siri digital assistant and the new highly touted iPhone 4S Camera. Check out the silly unboxing video here.

After restoring my previous iPhone settings, Apps, images and more, I was disappointed that my WiFi password wasn’t retained and a few of my email passwords need to be re-entered.

I’ll do a video this weekend of my experience with Siri the iPhone 4S digital assistant. In short, I’m blown away and will find this extremely useful, especially when I’m on the go.

The iPhone 4S Camera

It’s the iPhone 4S camera that I was eager to test and generate sample photos. I met my friend Rob for a coffee a few hours after receiving the camera, then on my way to my next meeting I stopped at the local grocery store and then to the beach. I’m happy to share some of those test images here. Most of these images were taken using the HDR feature of the iPhone 4S camera. I also played a bit with the zoom, variable focus points and some iPhone 4S HD video as well.

These sample photos are right of the new iPhone 4S camera. It was a very grey and gloomy, if not eerie day today. So lighting is flat and you won’t see much shadow detail except on the interior shots. Check them out and comment or ping me back with you sample iPhone 4S photos. Not sure if they made the grade, but on a handful I used the build in edit function for enhance and one image I cropped (of Rob looking at his iPhone) so I post the original and the cropped so you can see the resolution and quality of the iPhone 4S camera.

A note on creating this gallery on WordPress. I used the original full resolution files from the iPhone 4S. Though when viewing them on my Mac, the auto rotation or image orientation was correct. But the original files uploaded didn’t inherit the orientation. Especially troubling is that the default orientation of using the iPhone 4S camera is with the volume buttons down. However, to take advantage of the new shutter trigger, it’s commonly accepted to have the shutter release on the top and to the right. Images I took using the volume button as shutter release imported upside down, requiring me to rotate all those images online. Those images I took using the usually “screen” shutter release were oriented fine. I would think that the images should retain the proper orientation when using the iPhone 4S camera with the volume button (up volume or right button) when imported to your desktop or mobile device. I’ll continue to experiment with this. If you have any thoughts please share them in the comments here.
Click on the images for full-size resolution. I guarantee you’ll be amazed. So check it out!)  The quality of the iPhone 4S camera is stunning no question. Also, because I chose to shoot in HDR mode, there are some blurring effects in some of the images.

Please note that clicking these images will open a full-size 5 megapixel image in a lightbox. You can click through each of the images, but they are very large and may take up your whole screen depending on how you are viewing these. Simply hit escape to get out!

Here is a sample unedited HD video taken with the new iPhone 4S camera.

Sample HD Video taken with iPhone 4S Camera

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