iPhone 4S Siri – Meet Your Digital Assistant

iPhone 4S Siri - Meet Your Personal Digital Assistant

The Apple iPhone 4S may not look like a new phone, but the power is within. I put iPhone Siri Digital Assistant, now a crucial part of the iPhone 4S through its punches and converse, command and chat with Siri.

Siri can be your personal digital assistant. In this video I speak in common language proving that there’s no need to use a command language or to learn how to control virtually every aspect of the basic operations of the iPhone 4S with simple voice commands.

This is the second in my quick reports on the Apple iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4S Siri Digital Personal Assistant. Check out the video for complete information.


Here are a few highlights of the iPhone 4S Siri Digital Assistant

  1. You can use normal language and are not required to use a preset list of voice commands. That is you don’t need to say “yes,” you can say “sure,” or “okay.”
  2. There is no need to use multiple steps on many commands, such as text message. Simply say “send text message to my brother, dude I’m running late see you in 15.” Siri will ask you which brother if you’ve ‘informed’ her that you have several brothers and will compose the email complete with text.
  3. You can set alarms within the next 24 hours: “Set alarm for 7:30.” The alarm will be set for the 7:30am if you set this after 7:30pm etc.
  4. While Twitters is well integrated into iOS5, you can’t ask Siri to “Tweet this”
  5. Siri will compose emails and ask you for the subject, then the message. But Siri will not be able to review your message, like she can with text messages.
  6. Ask Siri to “read me messages” will have her read your text messages.
  7. You can ask Siri to find email messages from my brother and she will display a result of all email messages from your brother that are in the inbox.
  8. Showing your appreciation with Siri will prompt interesting responses.
  9. Telling the iPhone 4S Siri Digital Personal Assistant that “I Love You’ will make you smile when she responds. Watch the video to see what happens when you tell the iPhone 4S Siri Digital Assistant “I Love You”.

There’s so much more, so watch the video and get your own “Siri” and play with her yourself  😆


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