Read Your Daily Blogs on Your iPod.

Doug Adams posted this script that will export selected subscriptions in NetNewsWire in vCard format to the contacts folder of the iPod so upon sync you can read your RSS subscriptions on your iPod. Very cool. I'd love to see one that exports NNW subscriptions to my Symbian-OS capable phone. That would rock!

I was a just a bit visionary I guess when I dumped my Kyocera Palm-based SmartPhone the end of 2003 considering Palm is dropping support for the Mac. Goodbye Palm. Hello Symbian. It says here that Symbian will lead the SmartPhone category by 2008. My wish could come true; I hope sooner than 2008.

And if you don't use NetNewsWire but sport an iPod and use iTunes check out Doug's other scripts. Very useful stuff here.

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