Blogtime. Reward or Curse?

In response to my “why blog?” I’ve received plenty of insight and comments. Thanks all of you. My good friend and ex-Wirestone creative director (might I add musician extrodinaire) is getting into blogs. But he’s concerned and writes me:

[…] problem is, if I spent all my time following blog links. I’d be following blog links about 23 hours a day. Too many people have too much to say. I can’t keep up. I spent eight hours in the last day following links from your blog. This leads me to think about blogtime: the time you spend following blog links. It’s all great stuff. Very heady. But my blog compulsiveness is a detriment to my non blog reading life. How do I balance the two? These personal conversations could consume my life. It’s beginning to feel like an addiction […]

Like a journalist or researcher, I try to provide informative and exciting links and background to the topics I blog and write about. The time I spend is enormous. Yet, it’s my desire to learn and provide my loyal readers and my tire kicking visitors real value from what I write here in The Digital Tavern. I think many are inspired. They feel the thrill of desire, but are tentative. Or just busy. Another good friend Stephen Marlow responds:

[…] Someday I may blog … but not today […]

I don’t think I come near to the linking phenomena that a Doc Searls or even a Howard Bashman performs. Yet, the time required to dig in and really absorb what I or any other blogger, journalist or writer might prophesize is beyond the scope of what many readers can commit to. Nonetheless, it can become addictive, time consuming and absorbing. But is this a problem? Or an opportunity?