Why Blog?

Grumpy Girl and Ant are at it again. We’ve watched them diablog about the definition of a blog, today they’re asking bigger questions such as Why Blog?

Funny, I’ve had many people ask me this as I passionately preach the benefits of blogging. After all, this is a commitment. And most of the community of Bloggers I’ve been interacting with already have enough on their plates. And the task of consistently updating their blogs may add more tension or possibly release in their busy and otherwise digital lifestyles.

Why do they do it? Why do I do it?

Sure it’s collaboration. It’s an evolutionary communication channel. And it’s all those things Grumpy Girl and Ant discuss. Yet there’s more. I think it sharpens one’s wit. It exposes bloggers and readers alike to new things. It exponentially adds dimension to one’s interests and passions. For thinkers and writers, it’s damn good practice. It keeps you fresh. And it keeps you alive. You know people who go to the gym daily to tone and workout their bodies? What about their minds? Perhaps for some the Blog is simply a daily workout for the mind. Hmmmm. A mind gym. I’ll have to revisit this again.

There are too many people in our society who rarely read. Fewer write. Maybe the blogging fad in a funky way pulls the ‘commoner’ out of the rut of media manipulation and mindless consumerism and allows them to think. Read. And write. Oh sure, academically perhaps most bloggers violate virtually ever rule of usage and style. And there are bloggers who could use a few lessons in focus and clarity in their writing. That’s not the point unless it is the point (pure rhetoric). Why Blog? Perhaps because something is calling you. Me? Because I want to learn something new every day. By Blogging, I’m learning a ton of new things every day. That’s rewarding. And I hope for my readers too.

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