The beaches. The music. The fahvelas. The food. The friendly people. The shoeshine boys on the beach walks. The bikinis. The spirit. Rio is gearing up for the Pan American Games. And Al Gore’s[ … ]

One Year Later: Santiago, Chile

I wonder what the weather is like in central Bolivia today. I’ll bet that road from Potosí to Uyuni is washed out and muddy. For it was one year ago today I took my fateful plunge into the mud[ … ]

Tikal. The Grandest Mayan City.

Our guide led us through small dirt paths through the overgrown jungle. As we trekked toward, rustling sounds and deep throated roars stopped us in our tracks. Craning my neck to the thick canopy of[ … ]

Vallegrande At Last

Jeremiah rolling into Vallegrade with a grand Cristo welcome. The road to Vallegrande was actually much better. Not as much dust and recent rainfall had settled what little dust we might have[ … ]

Doc Rides Again

I had forgotten just how high my F650GS Dakar (Doc) sits, especially sans luggage. Dhery held the garage door open while the butterflies in my stomach metamorphosed into fear and doubt, I inched doc[ … ]

Meeting Doc – The 1st Video PodCast

Yeah. Yeah. I know. The last PodCast was a bit long winded. But it had been a long time and there was much to say. But you’ll like this movie – guaranteed. As such I suggest no fears[ … ]

Searching in Sweet Sucre for Energy

After my nap we went shopping for a new battery for my bike. After nine months of non-operation I was sure the battery was dead. But this task turned out to be more than a challenge than I expected[ … ]

It’s That Time.

There’s something about going back the wrenches my mind and my gastrointestinal system. I’d be foolish to think that all that was required was to simple show up in Bolivia, hop on my bike[ … ]

SmartPhone Anxiety?

Seems Doc is intrigued by the latest Palm Treo SmartPhone announcement. That is until he discovered the new Treo 700 would only be offered on the Verizon and Sprint Networks. Back in the day Verizon[ … ]

Up Against The Wall.

Very proud of my friend Brian who never ceases to amaze me with his ideas, creativity, writing and business sense. I never knew he would let those pesky plastic wall anchors that come with just about[ … ]

The Joy of . . .

. . . photography.   My dad gave me my first Canon 35mm camera for my 12th birthday. In my seventh grade ubiquitous adolescent-tasked paper, that my mom still has in archives, “What do I[ … ]

A Marvelous Night

So we’re going to dance on the moon again. According to the Xinua news network the U.S. space agency NASA in partnership with India’s Nasa-equivalent, the Indian Space Research Operation[ … ]

Goodbye Bloglet. Hello Feedblitz.

For the few hundred or so subscribers to The Digital Tavern, you've probably noticed that notifications for new posts have been sporadic at best. This is because Monsur of Bloglet seems to have[ … ]

Been To New Orleans Lately?

As you can probably guess, I've been forced into armchair traveling these days. No worries. Soon I'll be strong enough to put one foot in front of the other. Nonetheless, my friend Tim[ … ]

Africa Tonight on ABC News & NightLine

While I haven't made it to Africa quite yet on my WorldRider Journey, it appears my brother Jonathan beat me to it. A couple weeks ago he wandered around Algeria, Mali, Chad and who knows where[ … ]