The Joy of Photography.

As many of you know, one of my lifelong passions is photography. Primarily using “still” cameras, though I do like to wade in the tepid waters of digital video. I was a very early adopter[ … ]

What’s With The iPhone?

I’ve had my iPhone for about five months. I love it. Has it changed my life? No. Has it made somethings easier? Yes. Has it saved me time? Not really. It actually costs me more time. Yeah[ … ]

1977 Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon

Last weekend I was surprised by a visit of my good friend, mountain climber, travel companion and legend Mr. Tim Amos. For the 16 hours he spent in Southern California, we tried to take advantage of[ … ]

YouTube On The Prowl

I’ve got a few video composites from my motorcycle trip around the world posted on my WorldRider account on YouTube. About a week ago I received a notification from YouTube, ironically the[ … ]

Twitter Terrorists

Well, they just couldn’t leave well enough alone. This from Fox News: The U.S. Army is flagging the popular blogging service Twitter as a potential terrorist tool, the Agence France-Presse news[ … ]

The Donkey Did It.

Southern plains of Ethiopia. Below a new traditional home under construction. As I moved to make time to get to Awasa I noticed groups of women carrying large round ceramic containers colored brown[ … ]

Ngepi Camp: Caprivi? Botswana?

The Ngepi Camp sits at the beginning of the Panhandle of the Kavango River which flowing from Angola dumps into the vast swamp known as the Okavango Delta – a vast wildlife reserve of wetlands[ … ]

Exotic Game in Sossusvlei

Perhaps the trademark or signature image of Namibia comes from the glorious orange colored dunes of of the Namib Desert — perhaps most famously are those of Sossusvlei. Tucked into the central[ … ]

Xhosa, The Transkei and Coffee Bay.

Tucked in cozy nook in the Amathole Mountains, Hogsback and the surrounding old growth forest, waterfalls and the canopy and odd shaped twists, turns and hanging strands of foliage and tree branches[ … ]

Welcome To Africa!

There’s was a last minute panic in Buenos Aires before the taxi came to take me to EZE airport to board my Malaysian Airline flight bound for Cape Town South Africa. My cellphone rang and[ … ]

Belem, Brazil: A Final Photo Essay

With my bike safely crated and cleared from Brazilian customs, I got to spend a few more days riding a light enduro Yamaha through the narrow streets lined with colorful colonial buildings of Belém[ … ]

Belem: My Home In The Amazon

The Portuguese landed in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon River yet still 120km from the Atlantic Ocean in 1616. Interestingly enough the voyage from Lisbon to Belem, due to prevailing winds and[ … ]