Apple Gets New Board Member. Al Gore

Apple's Board of Directors elected former Vice President Al Gore to its Board. I'm not sure if this is a good thing. Isn't he a loser? I mean all boards need a little window dressing[ … ]

WiFi The Mickey Dee Way: Free.

Do you want internet access with your fries and McNuggets? How's a free wireless hour sound? Today McDonald's announced it would offer WiFi internet access in 300 restaurants in NYC[ … ]

NetNewsWire Redux

In December I blogged about my News Aggregator epiphany when I discovered a beta version of the now nearly ubiquitous NetNewsWire Lite. Shortly after, Ranchero Software and Brent Simmons released a[ … ]

Virtual PC Now Under Microsoft Control

C|Net reports that Microsoft has acquired “some” assets of Connectix including Virtual PC and an undisclosed and unreleased server product. I'm wondering what this means to the[ … ]

17" PowerBook Sighting

I finally was able to see and lay my hands on a 17″ PowerBook. The local Apple Store in Newport Beach (Fashion Island) received a single display unit on Monday. It's beautiful. It's[ … ]

Safari Updated

Apple released a new public beta of Safari its super fast and extremely HOT web browser. Improves compatability with more websites. Maybe cookies and javascript, too? Download it here.

Exchange For Mac: A Reality.

Looks like Microsoft finally publicly committed yesterday to deliver an Exchange solution for Macintosh OS X. With Apple's Xserve update earlier this week and Microsoft's movement on[ … ]

This Sucks.

Somebody ripped off Doc's laptop from his car this weekend. Poor guy has had more bad luck the last three months with email problems, camera theft and now this. The guy with the biggest heart[ … ]

17" PowerBook Order Update

Mike asks if I've received my new 17″ PowerBook. Not yet. But I got an email yesterday from Apple with a shipping confirmation that my Airport Extreme Base Station (w/modem and antenna[ … ]

On Safari.

Safari is a great browser, but I find it's having problems with displaying inline images in my blog. Causing some very funky breaks, text on top of images. It looks fine in Newscape and Explorer[ … ]


I'm not sure this is the best way to fight, disagree, unleash anger or resent the RIAA.

Forget the old OS, Rick!

I don't want to wait this long. And Rick! Why would anyone want to boot up in OS 9? I can't take your advice, cause it just doesn't make sense.