MacWorld San Francisco – Live Report

iPod iPod Mini Comes in 5 colors! Jobs is talking iPod success. The holiday quarter for the iPod, Apple sold 700,000 + iPods. This means now Apple has sold more than 2 million iPods. Apple is showing[ … ]

MacWorld 2004

It's the 20th Anniversary of the Macintosh and the infamous 1984 Apple Computer SuperBowl spot directed by Ridley Scott. Tomorrow Steve Jobs takes the stage at Moscone Center and addresses the[ … ]

There’s A New Cat In The House: Panther

I just received an email from Apple announcing that its next major release of OS X operating system software will be available to the public on October 24, 2003. This is almost exactly 14 months[ … ]

Bluetooth Keyboard.

I've been using the new Apple Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard for a couple weeks now. Running system 10.2.6 on a 1Ghz 17″ PowerBook, I can safely say this thing lags quite a bit. I type[ … ]

More Skype Stuff.

So ever since learning how hot Stuart found Skype and the ensing mad rush for the hundreds of thousands minions to reserve their Skype handles. And discovering Dina has been making connections from[ … ]

Bluetooth Is In The Tavern.

Today I bought an new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Damn this is nice. A few have asked “Why did you buy a keyboard for your laptop computer?” Reason is simple. First, my laptop (the[ … ]

CD –> AAC & MP3 Conversion Completed

Whew. It took a while. But I've converted perhaps 95% of my entire CD collection (somewhere over 1,200 CDs) to digital format. And while the TiVO system doesn't yet support the AAC codec, I[ … ]

iChat A/V – Live In Japan

If you haven't followed the Mac news from yesterday, you're missing out on the most amazing new technology I've seen from Apple or anybody in a long time. it's called iChat A/V[ … ]

Live Blogging From Apple's WWDC Keyonte

The following is a long post reporting the action at it happened at Steve Jobs' keynote at the Annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. —- New pricing on other towers[ … ]

At My Door Step. Final Cut Pro 4.0

I'm so damn excited. Today the UPS man left me a wonderful package on my doorstep. My Final Cut Pro 4.0 upgrade. Wow. This thing takes over a gigabyte of storage. No wonder. It now includes[ … ]

Rock Star or Religious Leader?

Arik Hesseldal writes “Keeping the Faith In Steve Jobs” in the latest issue of Forbes, and compares the near fanatical cult-brand following and aura of Apple Computers venerable leader in[ … ]