iTunes Music: AAC vs. MP3

I've anxiously been testing and reading about the quality, performance and size compromises when switching from MP3 to AAC for encoding CDs. Apple's new iTunes Music Store has set a 128k[ … ]

New Apple Products (live)

This is my live report from the SoHo Apple Store in Manhattan. Standing room only crowd here to watch Steve Jobs introduce new iPods and Apple's new online Music Service. Listen. Steve announces[ … ]

Apple Launch Event – SOHO, NYC

Steve discusses 3 million downloads of Safari, iLife and FinalCut Pro. Then he plays the controversial Rip. Mix. Burn ad. Explains that “Rip” doesn't mean “rip off”. He[ … ]

SoHo Summer

I'm planning on attending the Steve Jobs/Apple Computer press announcement and “event” at the SoHo Apple Store later today. I'll try blogging from the event. More later.

Flying With A 17" PowerBook.

I'm sitting on my Continental flight from John Wayne Airport to Newark. I should rephrase that. I'm sitting in coach on this Continental flight. The guy in front of me has his seat fully[ … ]

Why I Despise Quark.

Today I got a mailer (snail) from Quark with a $299 offer to upgrade Quark Xpress from version 4 to 5 ($399 to go from 3 to 5). And the buyer would then automatically qualify for a free upgrade to[ … ]

On The Road Again.

Authoring my first post on the new PowerBook. This thing IS big. Huge lines at baggage check-in and even longer at security caused me to miss my early morning flight today. I'm about to board[ … ]


Anil asks “If Google can index a couple billion pages and return the results in .03 seconds, why does a search of my hard drive take 30 seconds?” And has a good answer.

Waiting For FedEx.

I can feel it. My PowerBook is getting closer. I thought it might be here on Tuesday. But I've learned oh so well how to manage my expectations. Per FedEx it arrived from indianapolis in Los[ … ]

Swell Images.

John Robb points me to what looks to be an excellent and simple tool to quickly grab, resize, shape and otherwise copy and post images to websites, documents (I've been enjoying NoteTaker) and[ … ]

PowerBook Update.

You are not going to believe this. I got an email on Saturday from Apple notifying me that my PowerBook shipped — from Taiwan: Date/Time Scan Activity 04/21/2003 20:20 Left FedEx Ramp/C.K.S[ … ]

The Saga of Lost Posts

– originally posted at The Digital Tavern on April 9, 2003 – Unfortunately due to the multiple levels of migration I've put myself through and the bad sectors on the old hard drive[ … ]

Apple & High-End Digital Video Get Better

– originally posted at The Digital Tavern on April 6, 2003 – At NAB today Apple released amazing updates to Final Cut Pro (4.0) and DVD Studio Pro (2.0) and introduced an updated version[ … ]

PowerBooks & Positive Thinking.

Dear Valued Apple Customer, Thank you for placing your Apple Store Order Wxxxxxx. We need your response to continue processing your order. Due to an unexpected supply delay, we are unable to ship the[ … ]