Another Switcher.

I was pleasantly surprised, amused and excited to find that blogger extrodinaire, John Robb, may be the next switcher. After a decade and a half, he's moving to Macintosh. I'd recommend the[ … ]

Apple To Charge For iApps?

According to c|net Apple may announce a plan to charge for upgrades to its excellent suite of “free” digital hub applications including iMovie, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and others. Frankly[ … ]

Apple Moves Jaguar to 10.2.3. Free Update.

Apple released a free update to its Jaguar OS X system software today. This updates puts the current version at 10.2.3. Run Software Update from your System Preferences to automatically install and[ … ]

Mac OS X: New Discoveries

Not a Mac User? Scroll down a bit to read my other new posts. The thing I really like about working in OS X is discovering new tricks or shortcuts or just the feeling of “wow, I didn't[ … ]

Have You Switched? Joi Has.

Joi Ito joins Yo-Yo Ma and others in kissing windoze goodbye. Joi is the latest blogger to switch from Wintel to Mac OS X. He's also an avid early adopter of technology. Check out his MoBlog.

The End of E-Mail As You Know It

My emotions caught me as I read Keven Werbach’s excellent piece on Slate this morning. Spam is killing e-mail […] Emotional because e-mail is the best way to get ahold of me. It’s[ … ]

Backup Weekend. And more .Mac stories

I'm spending most of my time this weekend backing up all of my files, settings and preferences. Wiping my trusty TiBook clean so I can ship it off to its new owner. I'm still getting 3-5[ … ]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Last week Apple announced new PowerBooks. The appeal for me. Built in DVD writer – aka the Apple SuperDrive. Sure the benefits of 30GB more hard drive, a gig of RAM and of course a 1Ghz[ … ]

Microsoft And Open Source Paranoia

In another case of fear, paranoia and defensive maneuvering, it appears Microsoft just doesn't know what to do about this Linux and open source movement that may or may not be lurking in its[ … ]

OS X Update (10.2.2) Has Got Me Crawling

Just downloaded through software update the update to Apple's Jaguar OS X operating system. First comment: why did I do it? These updates are usually no-brainers. But for some reason the[ … ]

Tether Me No More

I'm encouraged about the future of Bluetooth. I remember just a few short years ago wondering through the “Bluetooth” pavilion at Comdex thinking how much of life would be made[ … ]

CNN Anchor Switches. Is This A Trend?

Toss your PC. Move away from the dark side and see the light. That's part of the message from Apple. And apparantly it's working. The Apple “Switch” campaign has extended beyond[ … ]