New Apple Products (live)

This is my live report from the SoHo Apple Store in Manhattan. Standing room only crowd here to watch Steve Jobs introduce new iPods and Apple's new online Music Service. Listen. Steve announces[ … ]

Nina Simone

What a great spirit. What a great singer. I never saw her live. But she and her music will live forever. Rest in peace.

More Hypocrisy. Where's The Music?

As bombs blast Baghdad, and the pro-war constituents cheer for the liberation of Iraq, the anti-war vocalists, those musicians who out of one side of their mouths shout anti-war epithets and out of[ … ]

China Censors Stones. 4 Licks Short of 40

Maybe you saw them on the North American leg of their 40th (gulp) Anniversary Tour. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest of the Stones. Well a month ago EMI China released their Anniversary CD[ … ]

Every Taste You Take

Legendary British Rocker Sting plans to get into the wine business. According to this article he purchased prime property in Northern Italy and plans to launch a wine under his name. And soon after[ … ]

Dead. But Not Forgotten

My blogless friend and adventure traveler cohort Johnny “A” points me to a cute story about an Alaskan who never heard of Jerry Garcia nor the Grateful Dead. Short but fun read. Check it[ … ]

What’s Next for iPod & Music

Associated Press has more on Apple's, as of yet unannounced and unconfirmed, foray into an online pay-for-music venture that would integrate with Apple's iPod and iTunes products. The LA[ … ]

Dear Norah,

You rock, sweetheart. Congratulations. At a time when the lines between soulful expressive music and noise, harmonic dissonance, voice and electronics blur the lines of what is music and what is[ … ]

Rock n' Roll Tape Sales Peak.

Got your survival supplies? I wonder if U.S. Fire Administrator David Paulison is holding any Home Depot stock under an assumed alias? Gotta prepare for emergencies. Like a microphone that just[ … ]

Jazz of the Word Kind

Wow. A new discovery for me. Word Jazz. I guess I've been aware of this art form. But I gotta admit that I've not really given it much attention. I guess lack of exposure. And lack of[ … ]

Radio Robots Make For Cloudy Channels

There's nothing like a few blog posts on music and radio to elicit some interesting responses from those who've stopped by The Digital Tavern. For those of you tuning in, here is my first[ … ]

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Famed “Wall of Sound” producer, Phil Spector was just arrested for allegedly shooting a twenty something girl to death in his LA area mansion. Spector has already hired O.J. Simpson[ … ]

Ethernet Guitars. Are We Ready For This?

This technology thing is getting crazy. Did you hear Gibson will release electric guitars this year that don't have a traditional 1/4″ phone jack to connect your instrument cable to your[ … ]


I'm not sure this is the best way to fight, disagree, unleash anger or resent the RIAA.

Freedom of Music.

Last night I had a lot of fun. Sarah, Felisa and Jim joined me in my little studio for a night of playing guitar, singing songs and keeping rhythm with a plethora of percussion instruments. Mix that[ … ]