Days The Music Died

Wow. I just found out that Robert Palmer died of a heart attack today. So we've seen Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon and now Robert Palmer. Both Zevon and Palmer in their 50's. Ouch.

Satellite Radio? Blogging?

A few things I found interesting this morning. First, Doc weighs in on his propensity to listening to satellite radio and his preference of Sirius over XM. But more important is his overview of a[ … ]

It’s All About Cash

Several years ago during the dawn of the internet I was asked to speak at a conference in Prague for the European Journalism Network. At the time my brother Jon was a working journalist in New York[ … ]

CD –> AAC & MP3 Conversion Completed

Whew. It took a while. But I've converted perhaps 95% of my entire CD collection (somewhere over 1,200 CDs) to digital format. And while the TiVO system doesn't yet support the AAC codec, I[ … ]

Converting Those Ancient CDs

If you've been following, I'm currently converting my massive CD collection into digital format. It's been going on for days, almost weeks. But anyway, I'm currently at 11,477[ … ]

Dina & SYD

Ok. I’m going out on a limb now. But Dina. Yeah, you know. The infamous gal behind the “Conversations with Dina” is not only a marketing magnate, but she’s a legend with great[ … ]

Floydian Slip & DSM IV

Oh my god. You know I pulled Christopher Locke off my blogroll months ago. I admit I was taken back by his whimsical and fearless writing, no nonsense sensibility of marketing concepts and ideals and[ … ]

June Gloom. And Early Summer Reading.

Great weekend in Southern California. Though close to the coast today I can officially say I experienced the raison d'etre that June is affectionally known as “June Gloom”. That is[ … ]

In Memoriam: June Carter Cash.

Prayers and great memories for June Carter Cash who died today after complications relating to heart surgery earlier this week. Here's Johnny on what she meant to him and their lives together[ … ]

RIAA Blunder: Hey, Stop Stealing The Music!

If you haven't read this story yet, go check out the serious blunder made by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America). I guess if you pay dues in this organization you are supporting[ … ]

iTunes Music: AAC vs. MP3

I've anxiously been testing and reading about the quality, performance and size compromises when switching from MP3 to AAC for encoding CDs. Apple's new iTunes Music Store has set a 128k[ … ]

Radio. For Better or Worse.

Scott Andrew reports on another ClearChannel development: its public statement that it's severing ties with independent “payola” promoters. […] I don't think this change[ … ]

Apple Sells Four Songs Every Second.

According to this bulletin at Billboard, Apple's iTunes Music Store sold 275,000 songs in its first 18 hours of operation. That's over 250 songs per minute. I can imagine the server[ … ]