1999 Merlot

As I started to lose interest in the world series, I looked to open a bottle of wine to have with my baseball pizza. Soon the TV was changed to watch Gone Withe The Wind and I opened a bottle of 1999[ … ]

Oregon Wine

Oregon Wine. Pinot Noir and Next Economy Thinking. The following excerpt is from a longer article I uncovered at MSNBC/Newsweek that is worth reading. It discusses how innovative thinking is required[ … ]

Quote him

Peter De Vries. “My father hated radio and could not wait for television to be invented so he could hate that too.” [Quotes of the Day]

Israeli Wine

Israel: Golan Heights Hires Top Woman Winemaker. Israel’s world-class Golan Heights Winery has hired one of California’s most celebrated women winemakers as a special consultant…[ … ]

Will We Ever Understand French Wine?

For The Fear of Complexity. Will We Ever Understand French Wine? To truly understand the bizarre nature of French wine labeling and categorizing, you’d be better off with a law degree than a[ … ]

CNN Anchor Switches. Is This A Trend?

Toss your PC. Move away from the dark side and see the light. That's part of the message from Apple. And apparantly it's working. The Apple “Switch” campaign has extended beyond[ … ]


1996. The Vintage. Well. Sitting here with CNN star and brother Jon drinking some of the best from California’s “hot” 1996 vintage. Tonight we’re drinking the Abreu and the[ … ]

1996 Vintage

1996. The Vintage. Well. Sitting here with CNN star and brother Jon drinking some of the best from California's “hot” 1996 vintage. Tonight we're drinking the Abreu and the[ … ]

Will California Wine Prices Get Real?

The price of California wine, especially Napa Cabernet, has gone through the rough since dot com mania in 1999. But now you're starting to see many of the hard to get bottles gracing the shelves[ … ]


Wednesday night opened the 1999 Blancaneaux from Francis Ford Coppola. The sister wine to the Rubicon, it is a blend of Marsanne, Rousanne, Viognier with a bit of chardonnay thrown in. He makes 300[ … ]

Music. Brothers In Arms

Old rockers inevitably end up exploring or returning to the roots of music and as such the Americana “movement” continues to grow. On Tuesday Mark Knopfler's third solo effort was[ … ]


Sitting here with Jim Young discussing the probability that E.J. Gallo can produce a decent merlot for seven bucks.

Insignia Day.

I anxiously await my short drive from El Dorado Hills (near Sacramento) to Napa Valley. Tomorrow is the 4th annual Insignia Day put on by the good people at Joseph Phelps Vineyards. They will be[ … ]