Diggin' On The Tavern!

Thank you. Wow. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the responses to my post yesterday. Those who have commented here in the Tavern and those who've opted to send me an email through this[ … ]


Traveling to China. If you’re interested in more great travel stories as I make my way from Hong Kong to China don’t miss the following posts. Some difficulty in upoloading my blog[ … ]

Going Downhill in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is busy. We’re staying in Causeway Bay which I’ve learned is the most congested part of Hong Kong. Funny thing is half of this island is a National Park. And anything is a 30[ … ]

China Bound

One week from today I'll be hopping on a big bird and making my treks to Hong Kong and South Western China. It's interesting to note the responses from those who I've shared details[ … ]

Not My Typical Blog Post.

Ok. So this is one of those blog postings I typically avoid. If you’re a first timer to The Digital Tavern please peruse by scrolling down or clicking categories. You’ll get a better[ … ]

Update from Panera. I just moved to a comfy leather chair with a built-in cup holder, an floor lamp and a pivotable and moveable table extention attached to the chair. This place has it going on[ … ]

Nothing Like Free.

The rain is pouring madly outside. The green umbrella wavers in the wind, it's rope flapping wildly. Terracotta stones seem slippery, dangerous. the wifi access is free. The ice tea refills:[ … ]

Bloglet Subscription e-mails

For some reason my XML-RPC settings were inhibiting my RSS feed from being read by Bloglet. Therefore there haven't been any subscription notices (my blog has been updated emails) in the last[ … ]

I Wish I Had A Moblog…

I see that Boris and chicgeek helped get Joi a new moblog. I must admit that since Joi got involved with TypePad his site is SO much cleaner and easy to read. Way to go Joi. Maybe he'll share[ … ]

E-Mail Notices

Digital Tavern E-Mail Notices. Did You Miss This? For some reason email notifications didn't go out for the tail end of my Mexico adventure trip. So if you've got a minute and want to be[ … ]