Doc Rides Again

I had forgotten just how high my F650GS Dakar (Doc) sits, especially sans luggage. Dhery held the garage door open while the butterflies in my stomach metamorphosed into fear and doubt, I inched doc[ … ]

Meeting Doc – The 1st Video PodCast

Yeah. Yeah. I know. The last PodCast was a bit long winded. But it had been a long time and there was much to say. But you’ll like this movie – guaranteed. As such I suggest no fears[ … ]

Searching in Sweet Sucre for Energy

After my nap we went shopping for a new battery for my bike. After nine months of non-operation I was sure the battery was dead. But this task turned out to be more than a challenge than I expected[ … ]

It’s That Time.

There’s something about going back the wrenches my mind and my gastrointestinal system. I’d be foolish to think that all that was required was to simple show up in Bolivia, hop on my bike[ … ]

The Joy of . . .

. . . photography.   My dad gave me my first Canon 35mm camera for my 12th birthday. In my seventh grade ubiquitous adolescent-tasked paper, that my mom still has in archives, “What do I[ … ]

Africa Tonight on ABC News & NightLine

While I haven't made it to Africa quite yet on my WorldRider Journey, it appears my brother Jonathan beat me to it. A couple weeks ago he wandered around Algeria, Mali, Chad and who knows where[ … ]

From Tica Tica To Potosi. Waiting For Help.

In a state somewhere between awake and sleep three hours had passed. The rain, thunder and lightning added dramatic effect to my sprawled body with my left leg in a cardboard box splint as I laid in[ … ]

Mining & Minting In Potosi.

I’m getting tired of the rain. I know just a days ride away is perhaps the driest place on the planet – the Atacama Desert in Chile. Though I imagine the scenery will be much like[ … ]

Lago de Nicaragua

The recommendations for staying on the island of Ometape (Isla de Ometepe) were overwhelming. I originally planned to spend more time in Costa Rica, but with stories of pot-holed ridden roads, higher[ … ]

Welcome To South America: Colombia

Hello South America. Happy Birthday, too. The little over an hour flight to Bogota was quick, easy and extremely scenic from my window seat as we flew over the Darien Gap and pristine islands with[ … ]

Have You Tuned Into WorldRider?

If you haven't been following my round the world tour by motorcycle, please tune into more regular updates on travelblog… Drop me a note sometime!

lago de Atilan – Guatemala.

I'd read about it in the guidebooks. Nearly everyone who'd been to Guatemala raved about it yet arriving in the dark last night I had no idea until I woke the next morning and gazed over[ … ]

The Streets of Zacatecas

Seems these last few days in Mexico I’ve been moving a bit slower than usual. Maybe I’ve been here too long and the concept of siesta, sitting around or simply lounging as locals do has[ … ]