Crossing Borders – International At Last

As gracious and helpful they could be Jeff, Eric and Carrie at the Apple Store in Lynwood delivered me the bad news. My PowerBook didn't make that morning's DHL delivery. Per the[ … ]

Only A Foot

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have dinner at one of Seattle's finest Italian restaurants with a great bottle of wine and a beautiful woman last night. Walking the streets of[ … ]

Sun Valley to Monument Valley

Stopping in Sun Valley for a quick sandwich and rushing back to the road, I planned for a long day. With nothing much holding my interest between here and Southern Utah I blasted down 93 until I hit[ … ]

Where The Pavement Ends

“You must be the bravest man in Oregon,” he said to me after pulling off my helmet. “Huh?” I ripped the earplugs from my ears. “You must be the bravest man in[ … ]

Crater Lake

When one think of travel perhaps the feeling of letting go, freeing up your mind and the ultimate temporary relief of stress. Unless you travel for business, of course. But I'm talking about[ … ]


I’m up much earlier today than yesterday, but I’m going to spend time this morning gathering those loose items I through into my top box and stuffed into pockets and cavities on my or the[ … ]

Paradise To Sunrise on Mt. Rainier

After the embarrassing and taxing bike drop this morning I decide that before taking the Skyline Trail from the Paradise Inn to the colorful sub alpine meadows of Rainier I’d grab a snack in[ … ]

When The Digital Tavern Turns To WorldRider

Ever dream about taking time off to see the world? Yeah, me too. So have you been wondering what's up with Allan and his pathetic lack of posting on the Digital Tavern for the past several[ … ]

WorldRider Posts From First Week

June 30, 2005 The countdown begins. Not that the last two years of planning, reading, dreaming and anticipating haven[base ']t served as a slow burning fuse leading up to d-day. But today I[base[ … ]

Are you going or traveling?

Seems that the Digital Tavern sees most activity (my writing) when I travel. Though I still try to keep up and provide insight and musings on music, wine, macintosh and whatever else inspires me. But[ … ]

Back In The House!

Okay. I'm back from Costa Rica. And unfortunately internet access was sparse in the areas I traveled and my constant quest for monkeys, the elusive Quetzal, tabers and the monarch butterflies[ … ]

Adventure Starts Here: Costa Rica Pura Vida

Saturday, March 5, 2005 It's addicting. And it's time for anonother fix — traveling, exploring, learning, immersing, moving and experiencing. Waiting for the midnight shuttle to take[ … ]

Guest Blogger: Robert Karl on Holiday Travel

My nephew Robert has had the amazing opportunity to spend a high school semester in Washington DC. Since the fall he has served Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle as a Senate Page. His lifestyle sure[ … ]

Misty, Moody & Medieval Marvao

Situated almost on the Spanish border Marvao with its serpentined walled fortress rests among other medieval hilltop towns in the eastern part of Portugal’s Alentejo. Perhaps the least[ … ]

Portuguese Language and Hospitality

Eduardo worked as a server in a local restaurant/bar. About 40 yeas old he was born in Portugal but moved to Angola in Africa as a boy. A Portuguese colony until Portugal granted in full independence[ … ]

No Dozing In Portugal.

As I sit waiting in our hotel room for room service to deliver us a bottle of 20 year old tawny port, Tim and I reflect on our first two days in Portugal. Yesterday after leaving Lisbon we ventured[ … ]

The Long Road to Porto.

One of the best ways to counter jet lag and ensure you don't waste the first day of any journey across multiple time zones is to plan to arrive at your destination in the morning. If it's[ … ]