Who Needs A Name In Tuscany.

Montelpulciano is a quiet small medieval town about 3 hours north of Rome. Famous for its grand wine, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano the cobble stone streets are steep, narrow and lined with[ … ]

Embassy Rocks In Rocks In Rome.

Last night someone was rocking down the house at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. True story. As Tim and I rounded the corner and headed down the block toward our hotel we heard loud thumping music[ … ]

Two-Wheeled Roaming.

The streets of Rome are narrow, busy, noisy and fast. There are so many different modes of transportation that we never see in the United States. Much like any crowded metropolitan city, whether[ … ]

Rome: History. Mussolini & Vatican Censors.

Rome is all history. Ok. So some may go for the food, others for shopping, but most go to take in the history. Ancient Rome, Old Rome and latter day Rome. Arguably, perhaps the two most visited areas[ … ]

Roman Cabs And California Fascination.

Within minutes of passing through the exit doors at Leonardo Da Vinci airport we were making our way to the city centre in the back of a Roman cab. Our cab driver, young, slightly nervous and[ … ]

Rome Red Eye

The flight from Orange County to Newark was uneventful save the fact that I had barely two hours sleep the night before. Out of a restless sleep I popped up vertical like a jack in the box the second[ … ]

Motorcycling and Movies.

I finished producing a short (20 minute) montage of music, stills, and clips from both still camera's in movie mode and some MiniDV footage. They've been burned to DVD and I've got a[ … ]

Back in California

After a glorious two weeks in Wyoming and then a few days cruising through the amazingly scenic mountains and deserts of Southern Utah I’m back home in Southern California. Kodachrome Basin[ … ]

Southeast Asia Dreaming & Reflection

I've been sporadically following Dervala Hanley's escapades through Southeast Asia since Liz pointed me to her blog a couple weeks ago. I was sad to hear of her motorbike accident where she[ … ]

Morning Ride.

Mornings Made Better. What a great thing to do. Take the 15 mile bike ride around Newport Beach's back bay. It refreshes your mind, gets your blood pumping the the scenery is phenomenal.