The Long Road to Porto.

One of the best ways to counter jet lag and ensure you don't waste the first day of any journey across multiple time zones is to plan to arrive at your destination in the morning. If it's[ … ]

Showers and the Rain. Portugal Bound.

Groggy and with eyes refusing to focus after a pitiful two and a half hour sleep, I dragged myself into the bathroom and cranked on the show. As the water pounded the tile I realized that the pouring[ … ]

Time To Move.

Tonight I washed my wallet. Not that this was my intention. No. But pulling the garments from the washer and tossing them into the dryer I heard a deadening thud. Hmmmm. I wondered. Wet jeans perhaps[ … ]

Speaking Spanish.

I did it. Made a promise to myself many moons ago that I'd tighten up my Spanish proficiency. After all, it's likely that more than 50% of the Southern California population speak Spanish[ … ]

Let's Talk Sundays & Motorcycle Riding.

That Sunday morning after blogging about my Airport Express implementation I did what I usually do on Sunday mornings: I stayed in bed. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I eventually sauntered into the[ … ]

Good God Guilin

If you haven't read the post of the journey and ride that finally found me hanging in Guilin you should take a quick moment and read it here. Guilin is a pleasant small Chinese city of about[ … ]

Looking For Chinese Wine.

China. You gotta love this place. The people so industrious yet get out into the countryside and you can see the classic images that have graced the pages of National Geographic and the airwaves of[ … ]

SARS Fears?

Spotted this at a newsstand here in China. In late April a couple new cases were reported in Bejing or Shanghai. We’re told there’s no worry. But seeing this on the front page of the[ … ]

Chinese Waiting Torture. Welcome to Guilin.

Time to get out of the big city. Guangzhou. In Hong Kong we secured airline tickets on China Eastern Airlines to fly from the booming industrial metropolis of Guangzhou to the peaceful retreat of[ … ]

Feel Like A Number

A quick observation as we continue our Chinese adventure: the name badges worn by workers in the hospitality industry in China simply read a number. There's no name. Not in Chinese and not in[ … ]

These Chinese People. Warm, Friendly & Honest.

Since my arrival in Mainland China, I've found the people here to be warm, friendly and extremely honest. While Guangzhou certainly sees its share of western travelers, stepping off the main[ … ]


Traveling to China. If you’re interested in more great travel stories as I make my way from Hong Kong to China don’t miss the following posts. Some difficulty in upoloading my blog[ … ]

Why Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is a busy and therefore booming and bustling. Home to about 8 million Chinese the city is also known as Canton (Kanton). Seems most major cities have a few names attached to it and why not[ … ]

To Mainland China via Bus

Guangzhou By Bus The beauty of being an English-speaking foreigner in Hong Kong is you can always find someone who speaks English. The exciting and certainly curious thing about traveling to Mainland[ … ]

The Sunday Streets of Hong Kong

Before I continue with my move from Hong Kong to Mainland China I must share with you the most amazing phenomenon I’ve ever seen in a big city. It was Sunday late morning and we were moving a[ … ]

Hawking in Kowloon!

Then there's Kowloon. Kowloon rests on a small peninsula less than 1km across the bay from Hong Kong Island. Many years ago a Hong Kong rice magnate started a ferry service to usher his workers[ … ]

Going Downhill in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is busy. We’re staying in Causeway Bay which I’ve learned is the most congested part of Hong Kong. Funny thing is half of this island is a National Park. And anything is a 30[ … ]

Old Friends & Bottles of Wine

What a treat to be in Hong Kong and discover an old friend is living here. One who I haven't seen in nearly 10 years. After playing phone tag and exchanging text messages over my now Hong Kong[ … ]

Hong Kong Nights

The good thing about traveling west from California is arriving in the evening with just a few hours of exploring then falling into bed. It's a sure cure of any jet lag issues. So waking up[ … ]

Oriental Pearl?

Arrived in Hong Kong several hours ago. My first time here so getting the lay of the land, transport and the basic geography is taking some time. City is vibrant and electric. Though for the first[ … ]