Another Switcher.

I was pleasantly surprised, amused and excited to find that blogger extrodinaire, John Robb, may be the next switcher. After a decade and a half, he's moving to Macintosh. I'd recommend the[ … ]

Washington Post Blogs On.

The Washington Post is really into covering the blog movement. This article discusses how blogging has hit the mainstream, while this one is a follow up to WP readers' favorite bloggers and[ … ]

Remote Blogging Failure.

Radio, my blogging tool, offers the capability to post entries to weblogs via email. By simply configuring the tool to check for a unique subject line in emails to any email address you define, it[ … ]


BlogLite for the past few days. Been busy with many events, tasks and celebrations of the season. Some interesting stuff I've bookmarked. When I have more than a few moments I'll post some[ … ]

The Art of Blogging.

George Siemens does a nice overview of Art of Blogging (Overview, Definitions Uses and Implications) Part I, and (Getting Started, “How To”, Tools, Resources) Part II. Check out his[ … ]

Blogtime. Reward or Curse?

In response to my “why blog?” I’ve received plenty of insight and comments. Thanks all of you. My good friend and ex-Wirestone creative director (might I add musician extrodinaire)[ … ]

Why Blog?

Grumpy Girl and Ant are at it again. We’ve watched them diablog about the definition of a blog, today they’re asking bigger questions such as Why Blog? Funny, I’ve had many people[ … ]

Gender Bender. Blog Hogs?

Liz points to an interesting article in The New York Times that addresses both the gender gap and the gender opportunity in Blogdom. Nice follow up read after Halley's girlie power observations[ … ]

Blogging in the Future.

Halley has an interesting post that aggregates much of the talk about what's a blog. I've blogged on the topic a bit. What I think is interesting is Halley's comment about the coming[ … ]