Sharing The Blogs.

This week I received three gifts of Blogshares from bloggers who I didn't know and to blogs I've never visited. One of the generous bloggers, Lago, has an interesting perspective on his[ … ]

Dina & SYD

Ok. I’m going out on a limb now. But Dina. Yeah, you know. The infamous gal behind the “Conversations with Dina” is not only a marketing magnate, but she’s a legend with great[ … ]

She Takes It All Off For Her Thesis

Did you go to grad school? If so, chances are you spent a great deal of time, thinking, obsessing and ultimately preparing and writing your thesis. Katherine Frank went to grad school, too. But like[ … ]

Happy Birthday Dad & Jim

Happy Birthday Wayne! It's my dad's birthday today. Actually, it's my brother Jim's birthday, too. So happy birthday to both of them. Being 3,000 miles away makes it tough[ … ]

Slow to Blog

Slow to blog. Working on a bunch of deadlines and recovering from midnight riding I did this weekend. Ended up playing basketball in the blazing Northern California sunday sun. A bit of lobster head[ … ]

Sleeping With A Blogger?

Ok. Maybe you're just dating. Friends? How about a business associate? Read on for the latest in mainstream press on blogging. Me? Today blogging from a friend's wireless hot spot her in[ … ]

Blogging Artistry

Stuart notes that Blogging Artistry yields nothing when googled. Though I see a comment on Noah Grey’s old blog mentions the artistry of blogging. Not sure if I’d categorize Noah’s[ … ]

How Much Is A Link Worth?

$36? Ok. So maybe it was the guilt. Or perhaps I just needed to find something new to write about. Or possibly I just was curious to see what happens. I haven't contributed to Tony's car[ … ]

The Trouble With Tony.

Have you ever been to Tony Pierce's busblog? I've blogrolled him (the links in the left column titled “Read These”) for nearly six months. Why? Because Tony is creative. He[ … ]


Anil asks “If Google can index a couple billion pages and return the results in .03 seconds, why does a search of my hard drive take 30 seconds?” And has a good answer.

Blog is Back.

My first task home was to attack the recreation or regeneration of the Digital Tavern. And if you scroll down a bit you'll see that I've succeeded. at least 90%. I've tried to get the[ … ]