Monday. Making For The Border.

The morning pack bike ritual was interrupted momentaily when the owner of a huge red pickup outfitted with the ubiquitous spare tire in the bed and string of Hella spotlights on the roll bar. When I[ … ]

Sunday. Doing The Baja 1,000

It was barely 7 am when Chuck from Chatsworth started up his portable compressor and air gun as he torqued the tire bolts of his off-road monster. Ok. Maybe his name wasn’t Chuck nor from[ … ]

Saturday. Doing Time In San Quintin.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I absorbed the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez this morning. Radiant orange and brilliant red framing a tranquil silhouette of both Isla Angel de la Guarda and Isla[ … ]

Friday. The Road To Bahia de los Angeles.

I forgot to mention San Ignacio, where I had lunch before continuing to Bahia de Los Angeles. It’s a quaint small village a few miles off the crazy Mex Route 1. Though smack in the middle of[ … ]

Santa Rosalia, Baja Sur, Mexico

The ferry finally pulled out of Guaymas yesterday about 10:30am. My original travel companion, Mark, decided to make his journey back to San Francisco the day before. So then there are five: Sean and[ … ]

Guaymas. Why Mas?

After making my way from the cascada grande at Baseachi on Monday morning to the port town of Guaymas, we rolled into this fishing town about 4pm Monday. The ferry to Santa Rosalia was to depart at[ … ]

Mexico Madness

Sitting in an internet cafe in Creel, entry to the canyon system that spans 6 times larger than the Grand Canyon. A great motorcycle ride from Newport to Sonoito in Sonora on my first day. About 400[ … ]

Digital Tavern Road Trip Update

I received a few e-mails asking about Mexico and why am I thrusting myself from one culture (Italian) to another (Mexican) so quickly. So rather than write a long essay on this I urge you to check[ … ]

Back From Italy, but… On The Road Again.

It's a whirlwind. I'm now sitting safely, so to speak, in Orange County. Home from Rome, Tuscany, Italy & Newark. But not for too long. The apocalyptic skies drenching silvery streams[ … ]

There’s more to Italy.

Well of course. There's much to see in Italy. And our trip was simply focused on Rome and Tuscany. We'll be back. And I'll be back on the Digital Tavern with more experiences from[ … ]

What’s With Vin Santo?

Altesino has been a familiar name in Brunello di Montalcino since the early 70’s. Their Brunello designated Montosoli Vineyard is consistently highly related, delicious, hard to get and[ … ]

Brunello di Montalcino VIP Style

For me, the true benefits of traveling transcend the history, geography, scenic beauty, the sense of freedom of being “away” and the comeraderie shared with those traveling. Instead[ … ]

Images Now Display.

I’ve had a bit of problem getting images from this trip to upstream. But I think I’ve solved the problem. If you found bad links in the past posts you’ve read, scroll down and the[ … ]

Montalcino Moments.

We headed north from Montepulciano to the medieval hilltop town of Montalcino. Like most of the towns and villages that dot the picturesque Tuscan landscape, Montalcino is a town made up of steep[ … ]

Climbing Cortona.

Took a little excursion to the town of Cortona which is just east of Montepulciano. East of the “highway” A1, Cortona offers stunning views of Tuscany looking west. Originally settled by[ … ]

Pienza & Pecorino

A short drive from Montepulciano took us to the medieval town of Pienza. While those showing perhaps more favor to the church rather than the land will relish telling you Pienza was home and[ … ]