China Bound

One week from today I'll be hopping on a big bird and making my treks to Hong Kong and South Western China. It's interesting to note the responses from those who I've shared details[ … ]

Moscow On Fire

I just received an e-mail from my brother Jonathan who's in Moscow covering the elections for ABC News. Armed with camera in hand he just sent me this email and photos. A few minutes after the[ … ]

Back Home.

Back in California. What an amazing day today. At 3pm the full moon hung high in the deep blue sky. The Los Angeles skyline crystal clear. The rains from last night left the most amazing clear skies[ … ]

Good bye France

As I sat in Charles de Gaulle airport in France i thought about those travelers who were stuck here when flights to New York and Los Angeles were cancelled during the recent holiday season. Yet I was[ … ]

The Latest Trend in French Wine?

So in case you haven't been following The Mollusk, you might have missed the Vin Table Francaîs (French Wine) he sent me to commemorate my safe return from my recent trip to France. Or[ … ]

Parking & Keyboards In Provence.

The beauty of traveling virtually anywhere these days is the proliferation of the internet cafe. Whether you're in the middle of Bolivia, the remote towns of Tuscany or tiny villages of the[ … ]

Food in French.

It's not that I didn't want to order it. Rather I didn't know what it was. There was no translation in my phrase book nor was it in Bryan's French/English dictionary. The one he[ … ]

Medieval Villages

As many of you know I live in Southern California where real estate development is king. Most of the major new home developers are headquartered there. In fact Bryan, my fellow traveler here in[ … ]


Bread. It's a staple. Though with the ever increasing population of Atkins-esque loyalists in the United States bread is a shunned food. France? I love waking up and seeing people walking around[ … ]

French Riviera. French Dogs. And French Food!

We took a scenic ride down the coast of the Riviera from St. Rafael to Cannes. With blue skies and daytime temperature of 60ish the windy and twisty road through Agay and down to Cannes slipped by[ … ]

Nationalism and Dining French

A lot of people let jet lag interfere with enjoying the first few days of any trans oceanic flight. Even a transatlantic flight. For me, landing in Nice at noon (3am California time), I committed to[ … ]

Alphabets and Airports.

The flight across the pond amounted to exactly 136 songs on my iPod. That's pulling it out less than an hour after take off and powering down the electronic device just before landing in Paris[ … ]

Gotta Move. Again.

Well it just seems when I just get my feet planted back home I get itching and gotta move. Yeah. Another quick trip. Can't stand still. This time I'm off to the south of France. The beaches[ … ]

Happy New Year!

I'm on a plane heading to Southern California from Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. I was fortunate to spend time with my brother's family and toast the new year at his[ … ]

Travel Time Redux.

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know. Not only have I been a bit lame in keeping the Digital Tavern fresh over the last couple weeks, now I have to report that I'm on the road again. This time it's New York[ … ]

E-Mail Notices

Digital Tavern E-Mail Notices. Did You Miss This? For some reason email notifications didn't go out for the tail end of my Mexico adventure trip. So if you've got a minute and want to be[ … ]