Greatest All Time Quotes?

This is, if you're into quoting dictators. And a few others thrown in for color. Thanks to Brownbelly for some excellent research, wisdom and inspiration in pulling together our Saturday[ … ]

Making Morning Coffee

Technology is a great thing. Even aging technology. Take coffee makers, for example. Perhaps these days we should call them brewers. Nonetheless, I've opted in recent years for the type of[ … ]


Life is funny. I love life. You'd be hard pressed to find me anytime without a big smile and happy “excellent” expression. It's an icebreaker. In this way, I'm typically[ … ]

Back In Newport

Sunrise 6:09am (10 minutes ago) Back Bay Newport Beach, California. Ahhhhhh. Good to be alive and awake.

The Future of

This makes me sad. And mad. Some of the greatest writing and innovative ideas in the online publishing world. I almost want to fly to SFO and try to be superman and save this organization. But[ … ]

Blogosphere Live – Los Angeles

Long day. Longer evening. Just got back from an evening in LA. Started off with Slippery Shrimp and more tasty Chinese treats and Yang Chow in Chinatown with Doc. Turns out Tony Pierce ate there too[ … ]

Jazz of the Word Kind

Wow. A new discovery for me. Word Jazz. I guess I've been aware of this art form. But I gotta admit that I've not really given it much attention. I guess lack of exposure. And lack of[ … ]

Ethernet Guitars. Are We Ready For This?

This technology thing is getting crazy. Did you hear Gibson will release electric guitars this year that don't have a traditional 1/4″ phone jack to connect your instrument cable to your[ … ]

Freedom of Music.

Last night I had a lot of fun. Sarah, Felisa and Jim joined me in my little studio for a night of playing guitar, singing songs and keeping rhythm with a plethora of percussion instruments. Mix that[ … ]

Jack Drama?

Best actor? Jack Nicholson. In About Schmidt. Many bloggers panned this flick. Even Jack thought it was a comedy?