Hibiscus Update.

Stop and take some cuttings from the flowers. I made two trips down the street in an effort to put a pace to the neighbor who left the nice note in my mailbox. The first time carrying a couple[ … ]

Stop For The Flowers. Meet Your Neighbors.

It usually happens around midday. You know. Three-ish. I saunter out to my mailbox and grab the daily does of junk, checks (hopefully), bills and letters (ideally) from the mailbox. It's a[ … ]

At My Door Step. Final Cut Pro 4.0

I'm so damn excited. Today the UPS man left me a wonderful package on my doorstep. My Final Cut Pro 4.0 upgrade. Wow. This thing takes over a gigabyte of storage. No wonder. It now includes[ … ]

Faces and Places.

Sometimes it's just worth walking. Truthfully. Today, as I ticked off the tasks on my to do list I found myself in line at the local branch of my business bank. The line shuffled smoothly save[ … ]

June Gloom. And Early Summer Reading.

Great weekend in Southern California. Though close to the coast today I can officially say I experienced the raison d'etre that June is affectionally known as “June Gloom”. That is[ … ]

Blogging Artistry

Stuart notes that Blogging Artistry yields nothing when googled. Though I see a comment on Noah Grey’s old blog mentions the artistry of blogging. Not sure if I’d categorize Noah’s[ … ]

Monkey Spanking Happening, Only In SFO

Now I have seen everything. For the city with more parades and “cultural events” than nearly any other in the US – perhaps the world, this has to rank as one of the most curious[ … ]

How Much Is A Link Worth?

$36? Ok. So maybe it was the guilt. Or perhaps I just needed to find something new to write about. Or possibly I just was curious to see what happens. I haven't contributed to Tony's car[ … ]

The Trouble With Tony.

Have you ever been to Tony Pierce's busblog? I've blogrolled him (the links in the left column titled “Read These”) for nearly six months. Why? Because Tony is creative. He[ … ]

More ClearChannel Funny Business.

Eric Boehlert writing in Salon his seventh in a series on media consolidation today focuses on the mega-merger between Hispanic media behemoth Univision and ClearChannel owned Hispanic Broadcasting[ … ]

Why I Despise Quark.

Today I got a mailer (snail) from Quark with a $299 offer to upgrade Quark Xpress from version 4 to 5 ($399 to go from 3 to 5). And the buyer would then automatically qualify for a free upgrade to[ … ]

One Year Anniversary.

I've received a reminder from Userland Software: my Radio subscription expires in 43 days. This means just over a month till my one year blogging anniversary. Let's start the party planning[ … ]

Apple & High-End Digital Video Get Better

– originally posted at The Digital Tavern on April 6, 2003 – At NAB today Apple released amazing updates to Final Cut Pro (4.0) and DVD Studio Pro (2.0) and introduced an updated version[ … ]