Going To Italy

Been trying to tie all loose ends and catch up on work, phone calls, email and blogging. But it’s no use. I’m still behind. If you’ve called, sent an email or otherwise[ … ]


Thought I’d share with you just some simple observations of mine that stuck in my mind over the last few days: Screaming teenagers driving a BMW X5 SUV (new) through a Newport Beach shopping[ … ]

Analog Creative Expression. Get Creative !

When I worked at PRISCOMM and then Wirestone I had the opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of extremely talented and creative people. It was the people that I worked with the spurred the drive[ … ]

Every Person Tells A Story.

Everybody has a story. Everybody is a story. Everybody tells stories. And this is what I love about humanity. Sure. Sometimes the stories are sad, happy, boring, nasty or simply mediocre. But[ … ]

Back in California

After a glorious two weeks in Wyoming and then a few days cruising through the amazingly scenic mountains and deserts of Southern Utah I’m back home in Southern California. Kodachrome Basin[ … ]

Covering Lost Ground

Ok. I've got to be fair. I've been feeling a bit guilty by my lack of posts for this past week here at The Digital Tavern. Nonetheless, I'm going to try to make up for some lost ground[ … ]

The Seduction of Mars.

Are men from mars? Then what's with mother earth? Stupid book titles? All wrong. But tonight we sit under the Southern Californian sky with Mars glowing and showing all she's got in her[ … ]

Speed & The Porsche Personality

For years I've held true to my conviction that I'd never own a Porsche. It's not that I don't find them suitable examples of German automotive engineering. I know Porsche as[ … ]

Words. Writing. And Reading.

I love reading. Blogs. Newspapers. Books. Personal letters. And magazines. Writing has the ability to move you, make you smile, laugh out loud and even tear. For me it's all of these things and[ … ]

Looking For The Summer.

It's raining in Newport Beach. It's July. According to my best calculations, summer started about 2 weeks ago after a miserable spring and horribly gloomy May and June. At the car wash the[ … ]

Delta Celebrates Our Troops

I sit on a Delta Airlines flight that I connected with from Orange County in Salt Lake City. Flying over the salt flats of Utah and the barren desert below, Delta is showing an extended version of a[ … ]

The Wisdom Of Dentistry And Extraction.

Visited my passionate dentist Dr. Wally today at 4:30pm. He's been excited to remove my wisdom teeth. Keep in mind I've had these teeth for my entire life. There part of my body. They came[ … ]