Ahh. The Spa Lifestyle. For The Mind?

Need to go to the spa? Halley points me to Dave's request for an Emotional Spa. A great idea. Made me think of what I've been calling for ever since the latest fitness rage. Especially in[ … ]

Why Blog?

Grumpy Girl and Ant are at it again. We’ve watched them diablog about the definition of a blog, today they’re asking bigger questions such as Why Blog? Funny, I’ve had many people[ … ]

Smell The Air. Feel Alive.

I still have my old “hot rod” that I used to drive in High School. It’s an old Detroit muscle car. But most important, it’s a convertible. To some it’s the[ … ]

Blogging in the Future.

Halley has an interesting post that aggregates much of the talk about what's a blog. I've blogged on the topic a bit. What I think is interesting is Halley's comment about the coming[ … ]

Moblogging. Taking the Blog Mobile

Joi Ito points to a fascinating article on The Mobile Internet. Where Justin Hall speculates on the future implications of blogging from a variety of mobile devices. I'm particularly fascinated[ … ]

Moon To Bright For Leonid Gazers?

More raves about last years Leonid shower. More rants about lack of dynamics for this year. Friend, photographer extraordinaire, associate and one time client Bob Pinkerton suggests taking a camera[ … ]

Marin County Women Pose Nude For P-E-A-C-E

And they did it in the rain. I'm not sure what happened here. But this photo from this “southern belle's” blog is a lot different than the version posted on the Pt. Reyes Light[ … ]

Those Santa Ana Winds Blowing Again

Geez. What is it many people talk about when they don’t have anything to say? The weather. Ok. Ok. Cut me some slack here. Much to say. But let’s take a breather. You know. The[ … ]

Let Me Test You!

I Test. Therefore I Am. Every take one of these silly online personality disorder tests? Well I did. And here is my diagnosis. Well, the disclaimer assures me that only a professional can diagnose me[ … ]

Speaking about Speeches.

Hansell B. Duckett. “What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.” [Quotes of the Day]

Morning Ride.

Mornings Made Better. What a great thing to do. Take the 15 mile bike ride around Newport Beach's back bay. It refreshes your mind, gets your blood pumping the the scenery is phenomenal.

Quote him

Peter De Vries. “My father hated radio and could not wait for television to be invented so he could hate that too.” [Quotes of the Day]