The Price of Quality Research

Last week I received a telemarketers call who identified herself as a representative from a national market research firm located in new Jersey. She explained that she was working for a large[ … ]

Countdown to Trackback.

A little blog technology business for a quick post, if you don't mind. I see that Dave, Jake and the crew at UserLand Software have finally implemented trackback into Radio. Radio is the[ … ]

The Politics of Blogging

You gotta love Howard Dean. At least his marketing (campaign) team. This guy has leveraged Blogs much like Clinton leveraged the internet during his campaigns. But Dean's different. And while[ … ]

Delta Celebrates Our Troops

I sit on a Delta Airlines flight that I connected with from Orange County in Salt Lake City. Flying over the salt flats of Utah and the barren desert below, Delta is showing an extended version of a[ … ]