Bloglet Subscription e-mails

For some reason my XML-RPC settings were inhibiting my RSS feed from being read by Bloglet. Therefore there haven't been any subscription notices (my blog has been updated emails) in the last[ … ]

I Wish I Had A Moblog…

I see that Boris and chicgeek helped get Joi a new moblog. I must admit that since Joi got involved with TypePad his site is SO much cleaner and easy to read. Way to go Joi. Maybe he'll share[ … ]

E-Mail Notices

Digital Tavern E-Mail Notices. Did You Miss This? For some reason email notifications didn't go out for the tail end of my Mexico adventure trip. So if you've got a minute and want to be[ … ]

More Skype Stuff.

So ever since learning how hot Stuart found Skype and the ensing mad rush for the hundreds of thousands minions to reserve their Skype handles. And discovering Dina has been making connections from[ … ]

Analog Creative Expression. Get Creative !

When I worked at PRISCOMM and then Wirestone I had the opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of extremely talented and creative people. It was the people that I worked with the spurred the drive[ … ]

Satellite Radio? Blogging?

A few things I found interesting this morning. First, Doc weighs in on his propensity to listening to satellite radio and his preference of Sirius over XM. But more important is his overview of a[ … ]

Can Legislation Solve The Spam Problem?

Wow. Can't tell whether Davis is posturing to take attention away from the Total Recall campaign and the short lived stall for the October 7th election. Maybe he's trying to make a mark[ … ]

Covering Lost Ground

Ok. I've got to be fair. I've been feeling a bit guilty by my lack of posts for this past week here at The Digital Tavern. Nonetheless, I'm going to try to make up for some lost ground[ … ]