What’s With The iPhone?

I’ve had my iPhone for about five months. I love it. Has it changed my life? No. Has it made somethings easier? Yes. Has it saved me time? Not really. It actually costs me more time. Yeah[ … ]

YouTube On The Prowl

I’ve got a few video composites from my motorcycle trip around the world posted on my WorldRider account on YouTube. About a week ago I received a notification from YouTube, ironically the[ … ]

SmartPhone Anxiety?

Seems Doc is intrigued by the latest Palm Treo SmartPhone announcement. That is until he discovered the new Treo 700 would only be offered on the Verizon and Sprint Networks. Back in the day Verizon[ … ]

Apple iLife '05 Initial Impressions

A couple random thoughts about my experience with iLife '05 – Apple's update to its digital hub, digital media suite of applications which include iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand[ … ]

Time To Switch?

Order Your Mac Mini Okay. So you thought I was kidding when in my last post I asked if you'd ordered your new Mac Mini. But no. I'm serious. I saw one the other day. And for those Digital[ … ]

Early Bird Gets The "eye" stuff

In the morning some people roll out of bed and take a shower. Others might turn on the TV for a dose of morning talk. Still others might make a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. Today, I[ … ]

Numb to the Num Lock

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure what kind of alien virus screwed with my PowerBook. Punching keys causes random acts of screen pop ups or disappearing windows. Phantom web pages[ … ]

Symbian Pet Peeve.

I really love my Symbian-based Sony Ericsson P900 SmartPhone. Like a TREO or a Palm-based device, I used a stylus pen to enter text for messages, calendar, contact or simple navigation using the[ … ]

More Airport Express

If you haven't read my Airport Express experience jump over there now and get up to speed. I've had a number of comments and emails regarding the sporadic “skipping” or cutting[ … ]

New iPods? Great Article On iPod Ubiquity!

New iPods? Great Article On iPod Ubiquity! Newsweek may have spilled the beans. But details are scant. A great article on the rise of the iPod. My favorite line? […] Even though Macintosh sales[ … ]

All Music Sports A New Face

I noticed that AllMusic.com quietly updated their site and identity with a complete redesign. If you are a music fan and savour the history, discography, reviews, guest performers and nearly anything[ … ]