A Night At The Movies – Watch This Film.

I watched a fantastic film last night. Featuring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Before Sunset is one of those few movies that can pull off dialogue between two people for practically the entire film[ … ]

From Tica Tica To Potosi. Waiting For Help.

In a state somewhere between awake and sleep three hours had passed. The rain, thunder and lightning added dramatic effect to my sprawled body with my left leg in a cardboard box splint as I laid in[ … ]

Have You Tuned Into WorldRider?

If you haven't been following my round the world tour by motorcycle, please tune into more regular updates on travelblog… Drop me a note sometime!

When The Digital Tavern Turns To WorldRider

Ever dream about taking time off to see the world? Yeah, me too. So have you been wondering what's up with Allan and his pathetic lack of posting on the Digital Tavern for the past several[ … ]

Paper or Plastic? When lazy leads to waste.

Time to blog. So rather than rant, lament or comment on those things that are certainly more important than my random muses here tonight (Tsunami, Iraqi elections, my brother’s birthday today[ … ]

Scorsese and American Express

I read with interest that fabled director Martin Scorsese directed a new American Express television spot that features longtime Scorcese collaborator Robert DeNiro. Apparently, Scorsese, DeNiro and[ … ]

Speaking Spanish.

I did it. Made a promise to myself many moons ago that I'd tighten up my Spanish proficiency. After all, it's likely that more than 50% of the Southern California population speak Spanish[ … ]

Backing Up.

I'm thankful the heat has cooled here in Southern California. September 15th. For most an uneventful day. Unless you're required to sign tax returns for a corporation. Yes. The 15th is the[ … ]

James Douglas Karl

James Douglas Karl July 17, 1932 – September 1, 2004 My uncle Doug passed away last week. He was 72 years old and had been struggling with heart disease for many years. He died in his home in[ … ]


James Douglas Karl July 17, 1932 – September 1, 2004 my memorial to Uncle Doug moved here.

Sans Stimuli Friday

Caught somewhere between the full moon and a half I struggle to find something creative to write – blog. Writers block? Blog burnout? Or frustration over controversy from Olympic gold medals[ … ]

Leave My Foot Alone!

So I decided to take a walk along the beach the other day. Trying to be careful not to give my ankle to much flex and being careful not to fall to test the titanium plate and scres in my writst even[ … ]

Let's Talk Sundays & Motorcycle Riding.

That Sunday morning after blogging about my Airport Express implementation I did what I usually do on Sunday mornings: I stayed in bed. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I eventually sauntered into the[ … ]

Glot Language?

Are you a monoglot? Bilingual? Polyglot? According to this article in The Economist, those who speak more than one language may fare better than those who don’t when it comes to mind[ … ]

When It Feels Good To Be A Customer.

Sometimes the details are just too minute. Reviewing my new business cards this afternoon while grasping for every bit of light to aid my aging retinas in making sense of the tiny type, I noticed[ … ]

Roman Cabs And California Fascination.

Within minutes of passing through the exit doors at Leonardo Da Vinci airport we were making our way to the city centre in the back of a Roman cab. Our cab driver, young, slightly nervous and[ … ]